The resurrection and sustainability of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia – status vulnerable) and its Native Habitat Vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa – status vulnerable) in the Currimundi area has escalated under the guidance and direction of Ray and Pam Seddon and has included participation by Caloundra school children.

Currimundi Environment Day attracted 62 adults and children to sign on and enjoy the fun which included – Gecko Native Animal presentation, Face Painting and Children’s Choir.

The Gecko Display group received plenty of attention from Signees and Passers By and the presenter was surrounded by up to 60 adults and children at any one time. Display tents housed volunteers from Wilvo, Turtle Care, Water Monitoring, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and other Community Groups.

The result was a furthering of Local Environmental Education to those who were present. A free BBQ put on by the Lions was enjoyed by all at lunchtime

After 6 years of planning, the New Toilet block (with 3 x Ladies’ pedestals, 1 x men’s Pedestal, Urinal and a Unisex Disabled pedestal) was started on the 31st May and opened on the 11th August

Regular activities included the Weeding and Revegetation programs at Currimundi and Kathleen McArthur, Turtle Care, Water Monitoring, Fauna Surveys and KAB participation

Clean-up Australia Day and National Tree Day were well attended

A new Drain Filtering system was installed at the outlet on the Northern side of Currimundi State School and a new improved version of the Horiba Water Monitoring Instrument was acquired for use by Catchment members. Courses were attended by volunteers to learn how to use and calibrate this instrument.

The Lions Boat ramp Shelter was upgraded