About Us

Friends of Currimundi Lake (FOCL) is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers ranging all ages, who work for the betterment of the local environment under the mantle of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. Topical issues are discussed and solutions proposed. Members take part in activities which affect Currimundi but also have a wider implication such as turtle monitoring, tree planting, flora and fauna surveys, environmental planning, rubbish disposal and recycling.

Working Bee Group

This group are involved in weed control through the removal of weeds by hand, as this type of control has the least impact on the environment. Weeds covered include Weeds of National Significance (WONS), environmental weeds and weeds classed in levels 1, 2, and 3. Sites that have been cleared are revegetated with native species endemic to our area. Endangered species such as the Birdwing Butterfly vine are planted and monitored. Preventative planting to control erosion of the lake banks and the sand dunes with native shrubs, grasses and herbage is a high priority.

Since 2012 the working bee group has also joined with Qld Parks & Wildlife (QPWS) once a month to weed and revegetate in the Currimundi  (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park.

The working bee group meet regularly as listed on our Calendar page.

Litter Removal

Members from the working bee group plus other volunteers from FOCL and the community work very hard in cleaning up litter. Targeted areas are the streets, the foreshores of the lake and the beach. Litter not only looks bad, it affects our waterways and oceans by contaminating and thus harming our land and water fauna. Clean-up Australia Day is embraced by the Group. Some members of FOCL have taken on the job of checking the doggie-bag dispensers each day to maintain a good supply of bags.

Water Management

Water testing of the lake on the southern shores is conducted each month by FOCL volunteers. Reporting any unusual happenings along the riparian areas, fish kills, algae blooms, riparian vegetation problems and accumulation of litter is encouraged. Storm drains have been stencilled by the group with the words, ‘dump no waste – flows to creek’. Members also calibrate the monitoring instrument. FOCL is represented on the Currimundi Lake Dynamics Committee and the Witness High Tides programme.


Noticeboards are located at the boat ramp and in Cliff Hargreaves Park. They are updated regularly by a dedicated member and contain numerous items of interest relating to the environment and also advising the community of events happening in the catchment.

UXO Management

An ongoing problem in the Currimundi area is the presence of unexploded ordinances (UXO’s) left from Army target practice during World War II. An unexploded ordinance is any sort of explosive which has failed to explode. For safety reasons, all activities are curtailed when working in virgin areas and  work is prevented in the area until the land involved has been screened by explosive experts. This becomes a consideration in these areas when organising events. Clearance in the water is also required. Funding for progressive clearance has been provided by Council.

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